Laboratory Electromagnetic Environment of the Earth EEE Laboratory
Institute of Applied Physics of the RAS

About the laboratory

In 2019, with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Laboratory of the Electromagnetic Environment of the Earth was created at the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, under the scientific leadership of the famous world scientist Colin Price.

Goals and objectives of the project

  1. Development of new methods, algorithms and new tools for studying the electrical environment and their verification in collaborative experimental campaigns with a focus on the following aspects:
    1. Study of fluctuations of a quasi-static electric field under the influence of global and local disturbances
    2. Complex measurements of basic parameters of global AC and DC circuits and their variability
    3. Development of new methods for remote diagnostics of physical parameters in remote regions of the atmosphere with special attention to optical methods for observing discharges in the atmosphere
    4. Experimental and theoretical studies of the influence of properties and disturbances of the ionosphere on the spectra of low-frequency signals (Schumann resonances)
  2. Simulation of the global electrical circuit with a focus on new parameterizations of the lightning flash frequency (LFR, lightningflashrate), ionospheric potential (IP) and Schumann resonances
  3. Study of the relationships between aerosols (including dust and smoke), high energy processes and atmospheric electricity, with a focus on electrification and turbulence processes in clouds with a developed electrical structure
  4. Study of biological and biochemical manifestations of the Earth's electromagnetic environment with a focus on Schumann resonances and analysis of the underlying mechanisms